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Sixth grader pictures a world committed to the environment
Sixth grader pictures a world committed to the environment
Posted on 09/13/2019
Student with framed poster that features children and adults from different backgrounds under the words “Care…Share…Love…Service” UCS sixth-grader Frances Casem has a simple message for others: 

“You can help the environment no matter of your background. Everyone is equal,” the Wiley Elementary student said. 

Her inspirational message will be shared throughout Michigan after her artwork was selected to be used throughout the year to inspire community service. 

Casem was honored by the Michigan Community Service Commission for a poster she designed that promotes environmental awareness. 

Her poster placed first in the 2019 Michigan Youth For Service Poster Contest. 

“We congratulate Frances for being recognized throughout Michigan for sharing an important life message,” Superintendent Dr. Christine Johns said. “Through her work, she demonstrates how UCS students are committed to success in both school and life.”

The poster she designed features adults and children from different backgrounds under a blue sky with the words “Care…Share…Love…Service” linked together through a chain. 

Casem, who was honored September 5 at the 2019 Governor Service Awards program, used markers and water colors to create her message. Her teacher is Wiley art teacher Richard Stark. 

“I like drawing because it let’s me express my feelings,” she said. “If I’m feeling sad, I might draw something to make me feel happier.”