Code of Honor Students
Code of Honor
Posted on 06/10/2018
Code of Honor

We are proud to announce our current recipients of the Code of Honor Award.  Please join me in congratulating the following Wiley Coyotes:

Megan Dziadzio has a great attitude and always goes the extra mile to be kind and helpful and takes responsibility for her actions.

Charlie Curtis is a student who always gives of himself without expecting anything in return.  Also, he is incredible about listening to what his friends and classmates have to say.  Still one of the most noteworthy characteristics that Charlie possesses is his steadfast integrity.  He is always doing the right thing, even when others are not watching.

Emma Blash is deserving of the Code of Honor award each and every day because she gives her personal best and goes above and beyond our classroom expectations.

Oliver Sieb represents all parts of the Code of Honor!  He is caring because he is kind to everyone.  He demonstrates obedience because he follows all the rules without reminders and does what is expected each and every day.  Dependability because he has a great attitude and corrects his mistakes.  Excellence because he does the right thing - even when no one is watching!

Brayden Hohner demonstrates Excellence by displaying positive personal values in everything he does.  He includes others, is always kind, and works very hard in class.  He is a very Dependable student.  I can always count on him to do the right thing and to help others.

Alyx Stuehmer is a student who does something every single day that is representative of the Code of Honor skills.  She is Caring and kind to everyone and never excludes others.  She shows Obedience by following instructions immediately and always working cooperatively.  Alyx is Dependable because she always does what she is supposed to do, and she does it with a great attitude.  Both personally and academically, Alyx strives to do her best every single day!

Nickolas Lulgjuraj showed a tremendous amount of Caring, Dependability, and Excellence by helping our new student get acclimated to Wiley.  He helped her by speaking her language to her and showing her around the building to make her comfortable.

Brooklyn Hohner demonstrates Excellence and Obedience.  Brooklyn always demonstrates a positive attitude with good intentions.  She takes ownership and responsibility for herself, completes what she's expected to, and always follows the rules.  She's an excellent student and friend.

John Sunday is recognized for demonstrating Obedience and Excellence:  John is a great rule follower and always goes the extra mile.  The class lunch wagon handle broke and he stopped to see what the problem was.  The next day, he brought to school the missing part that held the handle in place, and quietly went to work to replace it.  Also, John shows excellence; he continues to learn from his mistakes as he reviews his weekly papers, making all the necessary corrections and asks for help if he is unsure of a concept.  His grades have steadily improved.  Congratulations John and keep up the good work!

Dominic Ligocki recognized for Dependability: Dominic is always helping others and is an extremely reliable student.

Daniel Kasperek recognized for Dependability and Excellence:  Daniel has an amazing attitude throughout every day!  He takes ownership and responsibility for himself and is a sincere and thoughtful friend to his classmates.

Mara Marian for Excellence:  Mara demonstrates integrity in her actions every day!  

Marianna Yaldo for Caring:  Marianna is kind to everyone and also uses kind words.

Tate Tomatti for Caring:  Tate shows concern for others' safety and is caring for others outside at recess.